Knights of War


Turn-based strategy in medieval England



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Knights of War is a turn-based strategy game in which you control one of the provinces of England, from which you will try to unite the whole island.

Starting from just your own province, you will need to conquer neutral lands through the art of war, as well as confront other feudal lords while giving diplomacy a shot. Of course, there's nothing like a good battle to get any rival to raise the white flag.

When you configure the game, you'll have the chance to choose the difficulty level for each of your rival lords. In fact, you can even assign other human players to the roles, and play the game with up to two other friends.

When you are on the map of England screen, you can construct buildings in your province, recruit troops, trade for resources, or negotiate with other provinces. Once you're on the battle field, however, you'll be controlling your units directly.

Knights of War is a turn-based strategy game with very simple graphics but complex and addictive gameplay. It's an excellent title for fans of the genre.
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